So you’ve decided to visit the “How to Be a Student” page. Good choice. You didn’t choose to be a student, but you have a TON of choice about how you will be a student.

My goal is to help you learn and become a better student. I think you will find some good tips on this page.


Learning Management Plan


Many students are not sure what learning “looks like” at home. This is a handy guide that will give you a great idea of what should be happening in your home. (Credit to Bob K. for the excellent learning management plan!)


Biology and APES are both vocabulary heavy classes. The best way to learn vocabulary is to use it in practice, but many students also find vocabulary flash cards to be very helpful. Memrise is a website that will “teach” you new words and manage how often you practice. It will adapt to your level of understanding – it will automatically test you more often on words you struggle with and less often on words you nail right away. It also has some great badges and competitions built in.

I’ve put together a few word lists that are specific to my classes. Feel free to use or not!

  1. Word Roots List – You will have a much easier time learning new words if you know the word roots they come from! This list is recommended for both APES and Biology students.

  2. Biology Unit 1 List

  3. Biology Unit 2 List

  4. Biology Unit 3 List

  5. Biology Unit 4 List

  6. APES Vocabulary List