By popular demand, here is the set of resources that we’ve used so far for Properties of Water.

The one and only: Amoeba Sisters!

The Properties of Water Vocabulary Sheet (a.k.a. the cards you sorted, but in order).

There are two sets of ISN pages (so far!) about the properties of water. Pages 6&7 “Properties of Water – Introduction” and pages 8&9 “Properties of Water – Observations.” This Google Slides document has all of the information for each set of ISN pages. Pages 6&7 are on Slide 4, and pages 8&9 are on Slide 5.

You may want to reference the Properties of Water station markers as you write your Properties of Water Lab Write Up.

Practice and Prep Resources

Have you tried the Properties of Water practice questions on They’re challenging, but you can retry them as many times as you need! These are great practice problems before our quiz!

Have you looked at the digital vocabulary flashcards on This is a cool website (and app) that will help you learn the vocabulary you need for this class. The first level of our Unit 1 Vocab is Properties of Water. I recommend that you start studying!



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