Were you hooked by the medical mystery article we read in Biology class on Tuesday?

Do you like to watch House, M.D. or other medical mystery shows?

While the Vital Signs articles published by Discover are only available to magazine subscribers*, there are plenty of other opportunities to read real-life medical mysteries online. Here are a two other sources:

  1. Washington Post Medical Mysteries Collection – This archive includes articles published in the monthly Medical Mysteries column. All articles include interview text from the doctor and occasionally the patient. These mysteries provide a view in to the experience of both the diagnosis physician and the patient experiencing the illness.
  2. Medical Daily’s: Top 10 List of Medical Mysteries for 2014 – While this is not an updating collection, this static list of 10 medical mysteries includes some thrilling cases! These mysteries are surprising, gripping, and (of course) 100% true.
Washington Post Medical Mystery Collection

*For more articles from Discover, stop by Ms. Lassar’s room! There are magazines available for students to read and borrow.


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