Congratulations, you made it!!!


Dear Biology students,

You guys are rock stars. You dealt with homework almost EVERY SINGLE night, you put in SO MUCH effort to your notebooks, and you absolutely crushed every essay and short response that I asked you to write. Reading through your quarter 4 RQAs was such a pleasure – you all know so much about the way the world works. summer-vacation-to

Take some to time to relax and recharge this summer, and get ready for a great next year of school. Chemistry (for those of you taking it next year) is very different from Biology. It’s not just a different set of content, it’s a different way of thinking. You are all totally prepared for it. I’ll be here for you if you need it!


Ms. Lassar


Dear APES students,


You made it through!! You toughed it out through months of learning details about the environment, you wrote papers on papers on papers, and you got through the AP exam. You are all in an amazing position now – go change the world. A great place to start is right here in Bethesda.

Take some time this summer to notice your world right here. You have the knowledge and the ability to influence those around you. Think about how you want to do that.

If this was the last step in your high school career – go crush it in college!! If you’re coming back to rule the school next year – it’ll be great to have you back at BCC! I’ll be here for you if you need it.


Ms. Lassar


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